Privacy means no logs, no registration, private server

Choose the most secure protocol to date - Wireguard. As secure and private as self-hosted, but without a hustle. An highly secure server without logs, can provide 2gbps speed and extremely low ping. Each customer get access to 3 location immediately (Finland, Germany Adblock, US)

No registration

High data security

Unblocked access

Rapid & stable

Affordable & variable

Get private VPN with crypto payment for true anonymity. After the checkout is initiated you will receive a unique link, where you will be able to monitor payment and initialisation status. WebVPN doesn't store your email or any payment data.

High speed and low ping

No need to worry about speed or rush hours. Fastest and most secure way to use VPN. You can click to register in minutes. Compatible with any device

No personal data

WebPC does not require or store your personal data. We also do not use cookies that can identify you or keep any logs. No registration is required to guarantee privacy.