Your workspace, your cloud, your rules

WebPC puts your privacy and security first. Virtual desktop as a service (DAAS) easily accessible from you browser or any VNC client. Pay only for what you use, per hour, starting at 2$. We don’t collect logs, not even your email. Without registration create your anonymous desktop.

Desktop experience

Access via browser

SSL encryption

Honest privacy

Payment variability

Rent your cloud desktop with crypto payment for true anonymity. After the checkout is initiated you will receive a unique link, where you will be able to monitor payment and machine status. WebPC doesn't store your email or any payment data.

WebPC's virtual computers are software customisable

Set up your virtual desktop infrastructure with ease. There are different programs preinstalled on each desktop, but you can customize the workspace to your liking (You have superuser access). All files and software installed will be safe until the machine expires or is deleted. Every connection is end to end encrypted. All our desktops have low latency and up to 10 gigabit internet speed.